07.04.2013 – It’s time to make a decision

BUY OR DIE! The new Swanwing album "Wasting or Waiting?" is out now.
Get a nice Digipack. Order at contact@swanwing.de for 10,00 € + shipping.


02.04.2013 After a long time the Swan rises again

Our new record is called "Wasting or Waiting?" and will be released next
week. You can already take a look at the cover artwork finished by Judith
in the music section.


+++ We just uploaded the latest album "Wilderness" to the website. So you can download .mp3-files of the whole album for free. Just go to the music section, download the .rar-file, unpack it and listen - or download single songs from the tracklist.


+++ The new album "Wilderness" has been released today.

+++ From now on you can order your copy of "Wilderness" for 7 EUR (postage additional).
Just send an E-Mail.

+++ In connection with the release we uploaded the mp3-file of the song "All this time" to the website. If you want to download the song in better quality than myspace offers, please visit the music section and choose "Wilderness".

+++ A small music player has been added to the bottom of the site.

+++ The new album "Wilderness" will be released on February, 16th.
From now on you can already preorder your copy. Just send an e-mail.

+++ You can already purchase the new songs in digital format at mp3.de.

+++ Check the new single "All this time" on our myspace.

+++ In connection with the release of the new album the website has been renewed.

+++ We added a form for you to add your e-mail address to the distribution list for the new Swanwing Newsletter. The form can be found on the start page.
We will try to send a newsletter on a regular basis.


+++ There are two new songs uploaded to our music player for you to dive into the musical waters of Swanwing. Your visit at our page is introduced by the instrumental "The rush of the end" and followed by the track "Against time" from the "What's next"-EP.

+++ In other news from now on you can get your copy of our latest output "What's Next?"! Just send us an e-mail and you will have it in your cd-player soon. Price is 5 EUR + shipping.


+++ From now on you can find a Swanwing profile at myspace . Please visit us and leave your comments.


+++ Additionally to the songs in the music section there is a new music player on the main page.


+++ After a long time of stillness Swanwing are back on track. We have recorded a new CD which we called "What's next?". It will be released in a few days. To get an idea of what it sounds like you are invited to suck two brand new songs from the music section . More news will follow soon.


+++ Instrumental "Still Rain" put out in the Treasure Chest.


+++ Some months have been passing by without any happenings at Swanwing.de for you to see. But we can tell you that things went on... First news is, that the new CD, named "Heaven Regards", finally has been finished. The release will be in the second half of november.

A first impression of the EP is given by the mp3 of the song "Drink the Groove" that can be downloaded now from the music section .


+++ As you can see, the Swanwing website's face got lifted...if there are any complaints concerning the page, please write to the webmaster .
If you search for some little treasures, maybe you'll find some...


+++ Crafting of a new Swanwing output:
The recording sessions for the new CD have been finished.
The last weeks of May are scheduled for the mix. Here are some working song titles:
"Cold", "A dialougue between the soul and the body" or "Drink the groove".
As fast as possible a brand new song will be posted on this page for download.


+++ Site update very soon. New material as pics, media datas and more will be uploaded shortly.


+++ Another review for "ages" in Metal Hammer 05/05 and in the press section


+++ "ages" out now. You can order it direcctly via the adress at the contact section
And here is the tracklist:
1. From heaven's gate back home
2. Oceans rise
3. Loneliness is no hiding place
4. Ages
5. Never again
6. An old man's winter night
7. My november guest

+++ New song online: Please visit the music section to listen to "ages".

+++ Swanwing get first nice reviews for "ages" in the press section .


+++ Welcome to the world of Swanwing!

+++ The first Swanwing output "Ages" is going to be released at the turn of the year.
Visit the music section and listen to two songs.